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What we do?

Develop our own products
Help others to develop their own products
Offer development services to organizations
Selection and extent of our support are based on three factors. First is if the requirement is to customize existing solutions or to solve an engineering problem or to solve a research problem. Second is whether the project can cater to a mass or niche audience. The third is the efforts required to complete the project.
Our First Product
A new format of cricket - iB cricket as a vSport
Cricket as a vSport
(eSport in Virtual Reality)
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For Game developers

Get assistance in developing AR/VR/MR content in your games. Also get assistance to expand globally.

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For Businesses

Get assistance with VR/AR/MR technology for better business outcomes. Organisations across domains can use this technology to enhance their products or services, capacity building, to improve the productivity of employees, to give immersive demos, visualizing data, rapid prototyping and testing, and much more.

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We train people to build a career in Micro Entrepreneurship and AR/VR/MR

The rapid growth of the VR/AR/MR industry is creating many career opportunities. We are establishing a VR/AR/MR Centre of Excellence (CoE) where we train global enthusiasts with state-of-the-art infrastructure, research facilities and capacity building programs.

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Products in pipeline
Virtual ClassroomsVirtual classrooms enable educators, schools and universities from any part of the world to create immersive learning experiences which can be accessed by students across the globe. This will help students understand the concepts in a highly immersive way. For example- Dissecting a race car to understand its parts and their functions, healing process of a bone post fracture and much more.
Virtual Events and ConferencesCurrently, it is not convenient to attend events, meetups, and conferences that are far away. Through our product, people from different countries can attend a virtual conference, participate in workshops, exhibit their work, visit stalls, listen to talks, network and much more.
Professional meetings with mixed realityProfessional meetings are currently limited to 2D presentation, audio and video conference etc., Our product will significantly improve the productivity by adding new dimensions of interactions, visualising data, presenting work and much more.

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